Report a problem with roadworks

Report problems with roadworks, illegal highway work or temporary traffic lights. 

Problems with roadworks

Report problems with roadwork equipment such as barriers, road closure signs, cones or other equipment that:

  • are obstructing the road or pavement
  • have fallen over in bad weather
  • unauthorised roadworks/works without a permit
  • works carried out in unsocial hours (noise)

Report a problem with roadworks   

Illegal highways work

Report illegal highways work including: 

  • driving across pavements where there is no dropped kerb (This is never allowed if there is no dropped kerb
  • a kerb that has been dropped or extended without permission
  • plant equipment being moved across a highway (permit needed)
  • materials (for example builder's materials) stored on the highway (permit needed)
  • boulders, planters or other bulky items on the highways (never allowed). Report flytipping
  • digging up highways or carrying out any other unauthorised works on the highways (permit needed)

Report illegal highways work

Temporary traffic lights 

Report temporary traffic lights that are: 

  • not working correctly
  • poorly positioned (creating a hazard or obstruction)
  • not manned in peak hours (7.30am to 9.30am and 3.30pm to 6.30pm)

Report a problem with temporary traffic lights