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School trips

Plymouth has access to a variety of different environments for your child to see and experience on a school trip or educational visit. Trips can be cultural exchanges, commercial experiences or surviving in wild country or challenging environments.

School trips can be beneficial to your child's development and we encourage all children to experience them.

Trips can help your child:

  • appreciate their strengths
  • enhance their school work
  • experience new activities
  • gain new skills
  • build relationships
  • build motivation
  • make decisions

Before you give permission, we'll make sure you have:

  • the relevant information (larger events will generally include a chance to come into school and to meet the party leader)
  • the opportunity to have a private meeting with the trip's organisers to discuss any private matters
  • a clear picture of what the trip involves (including risks)


We provide a policy framework and guidance for all staff involved with school trips. Our outdoor education advisers (supported by the Outdoor Education Advisers Panel) work closely with headteachers, youth workers and educational visits coordinators to ensure everyone involved in the trip has all the information they need.

We regularly monitor trips to check everyone is following procedures and policies (including health and safety) and the person leading the trip is suitably experienced and competent to be in the role. We provide training and guidance to staff and leaders and school governors and youth work managers give guidance to ensure that all activities support the national curriculum and have been approved.

You'll need to tell us about any circumstances that might affect your child and seek confirmation from your doctor if there's any doubt about your child's fitness to participate in planned activity.

For more information on school trips please contact the school or youth and community centre directly and ask for the educational visits coordinator, headteacher or manager.