Performance standards

The Council’s health and safety performance standards support the Corporate Health, Safety and Wellbeing Policy. These should be regarded as the standard that each Service Area or School is expected to achieve and against which performance will be monitored and audited.


 Audit [PDF, 173KB]


 Audit template [PDF, 67KB]

Control of Contractors 

 Control of contractors [PDF, 124KB]

 Safeguarding - guidance on engaging contractors [PDF, 100KB]


 Contractors on school premises [PDF, 117KB]

Control of Noise 

 Control of noise at work [PDF, 233KB]

 Control of noise for music teachers [PDF, 65KB]


 Noise operator work standard [PDF, 211KB]

Control of substances hazardous to health (COSHH)

 Control of substances hazardous to health [PDF, 488KB]

 Hazardous substances risk assessment [Word, 355KB]

 Getting help with health and safety [Word, 140KB]

 Working with substactances hazardous to health [PDF, 1.1MB]


 Hazardous Substances symbols and meanings [PDF, 307KB]

 Risk and safety phrases [PDF, 168KB]

 COSHH flow chart [Word, 181KB]


Control of vibration 

  Control of vibration at work [PDF, 265KB]

  Vibration points system [Word, 466KB]

  Control of vibration risk assessment form examples [Word, 339KB]


 Vibrating tools assessment sheet [Word, 19KB]

 HAV operator work standard [PDF, 203KB]

Display Screen Equipment 

 Display screen equipment [PDF, 494KB]

 Manager identification of DSE user form [Word, 111KB]

 DSE user workstation self-assessment form [Word, 291KB]

 DSE assessor's DSE risk assessment form [Word, 204KB]

 Casual homeworker's health and safety checklist [Word, 131KB]


 DSE Guidance on the Safe Use of Hand-Held Tablets [PDF, 117KB]

 Laptop user's guide [Word, 3.9MB]

 Computer workstations good DSE practice guide [Word, 544KB]

 Workstation ICT set-up minimum standard [2.7MB]

 DSE eye test claim form [PDF, 129KB]

First Aid 

 First aid [PDF, 347KB]

 First aid guide for schools [PDF, 448KB]

 First aid assessment of needs checklist [Word, 192KB]


 Notification of first aiders payment [Word, 113KB]

 Defibrillators guidance [PDF, 286KB]

Infection control 

 Guidance on infection control in schools and other childcare settings [PDF, 764KB]

 Guidance on infection control in schools - Norovirus in Schools/Childcare settings [PDF, 636KB]


 Managing intimate care and supported toileting [PDF, 395KB]


Incident Management (investigation)

 Incident Management [PDF, 583KB] 

 Accident/incident report form [Word, 105KB] 

 Accident/incident report form guidance [PDF, 129KB] 

 Incident/illness reporting flowchart [PDF, 132KB] 

 Incident investigation checklist - level 2 or 3 [Word, 373KB] 


 Guidance on steps of an incident investigation [PDF, 186KB] 

 Incident Investigation Report Form - level 3 or 4 [Word, 138KB] 

 Incident investigation - witness statement guidance [PDF, 131KB] 

 Incident Investigation - witness statement template [PDF, 114KB] 

Lone working 

 Lone working [PDF, 167KB]​



Manual Handling 

 Manual handling [PDF, 312KB]

 Manual Handling briefing note [PDF, 121KB]

 Manual handling client handling assessment form [Word, 118KB]

 Manual handling filter level 1 assessment form [PDF, 261KB]


 Lifting and carrying level 3 assessment form [Word, 133KB]

 Pushing and pulling of loads assessment [Word, 132KB]

 Manual handling list of TILE risk factors [PDF, 127KB]

Risk assessments 

 Health and safety risk assessment [PDF, 689KB]

 Health and safety risk assessment form [Word, 282KB]

 Health, safety and wellbeing - Register of risk assessments [Word, 214KB]



 Risk assessment new and expectant mothers at work form [Word, 173KB]

 Managing risk in play provision - a briefing for risk managers [PDF, 333KB]

 Driving risk assessment [PDF, 49KB]

Stress and Resilience 

 Stress and Resilience [PDF, 539KB]

 Individual Stress and Resilience Risk Assessment form [PDF, 256KB]

 Stress and resilience example letter to employees [Word, 102KB]


 Stress and Resilience Questionnaire/Survey for employees [Word, 70KB]

 Stress and Resilience Risk Assessment Tool [Excel, 103KB]

Violence and Aggression 

  Management of violence and aggression [PDF, 368KB]

  Violence and aggression risk assessment template [Word, 277KB]


 Violence and aggression - control measures guidance [PDF, 115KB]

 Staff personal safety advice [Word, 97KB]

Working at Height (including ladders)

 Working at height [PDF, 230KB]



 Working at height workplace inspection form

 Schools and educational establishments working at height guidance [PDF, 29KB]

 Working at height practical guidance for risk assessment [PDF, 49KB]

Work equipment 

 Work equipment [PDF, 295KB]


Workplace inspections 

 Workplace health and safety inspections [PDF, 475KB]


 Workplace health and safety inspection form [Word, 290KB]