Request a pupil's record

Under the Data Protection Act, you or your child have the right to see any personal information that a school holds. This is known as the right of subject access.

Generally, the information held is your child's educational record (includes academic achievements, progress, skills and abilities), but sometimes a school may also hold information about your child which falls outside the educational record.

If your child is too young to make a request in their own right (a child of 12 or over is generally old enough) you can make a request on their behalf.

How to make a request

To request information, you need to apply in writing to the school. Every school in Plymouth is responsible for handling their own data policy so we can't deal with applications.

After you've made a request you or your child are entitled to see:

  • a description of the information
  • what the information is used for
  • who the information is released to
  • the source of the information

Schools must:

  • provide the requested information in a clear and understandable way (any codes used must be explained)
  • provide a hard copy of the information (or in another format if you agree)
  • respond to your request within 15 school days or 40 calendar days if your request is for information that doesn't include the educational record (if you pay a fee, the start date is when the school has received the application form and the fee)

Schools can withhold an educational record if:

  • the information might cause serious harm to the physical or mental health of your child or another individual
  • it means releasing examination marks before they're officially announced


If your request is for all or part of the education record, the school may charge a fee. You need to contact the school for details.

If your request is for information outside the educational record, the maximum fee schools can charge is £10.

More information on accessing pupil's information can be found the Information Commissioner's Office website.