Apply for a place in years 1-6 at Sherford Vale primary school to start in September 2018

Sherford Vale Primary School is a new free school which will open in September 2018. Whilst this school will be situated in Devon Council's area, as it is a new school you will need to apply for a school place direct to the local authority in whose area you live in the first year of opening.

The school will take children into all year groups in September 2018. If you live in Plymouth and are applying for a place to start in the Reception/Foundation year, you will need to apply via our primary admission page.

The opening of any new school is subject to statutory processes for planning. Where, for instance, a free school or academy has not had its funding agreement confirmed by the national offer date, offers will be conditional on it being confirmed. If this is the case, we will make an additional offer for another school to make sure no child is without a school place if the opening of any school is delayed. Conditional offers will be confirmed once funding agreements are signed.

Applications for admission to years 1-6

If you live in Plymouth, and are applying for a place to start in years 1-6 in September 2018, you will need to complete the application form below. The form is not available online.

Apply for a school place in years 1-6

The close date for application is 1 May 2018. The first round of allocations will be notified on 8 May 2018.  Applications received after this date will still be accepted and places allocated until the school has reached it's admission number in the relevant year group. The admission number for each year group is 15.