All through school (Plymouth School of Creative Arts)

This all through school takes children from Reception to Year 11

Plymouth School of Creative Arts

The main changes to the existing admission arrangements are as follows:

  • An extension of the oversubscription criteria for children with exceptional medical and social grounds to include a provision for children who were in state care outside of England and who ceased to be in state care as a result of being adopted. This inclusion is in response to guidance and a request from the Department for Education. Other criteria remain the same as in the previous academic year (2019/20).
  • In the instance where only one child in a multiple birth family can be offered a place at the school, the selection of the child will move from a decision made by the parent/carer to an electronic random allocation carried out by Plymouth City Council.
  • Additional wording in relation to a parental response to an offer of a school place to confirm should the parent/carer decline the offer made, the parent will be expected to notify the educational arrangements that they plan to make for the child.
  • An amendment to the Staff Supplementary Information Form to clarify that the form will need to be completed by the parent and the school of employment rather than the school that the child attends
  • The PAN for Year 7 entry will increase from 60 to 63. The PAN reflects the external number of students accepted into the school. The Year 7 capacity will change from 120 to 126 as 63 children from Year 6 could progress to Year 7. This means that the school plans to take 6 more children overall into Year 7.

Download Plymouth School of Creative Arts admission arrangements 2020/2021 [PDF, 354KB]