Plymouth enhanced transition

Plymouth enhanced transition framework: Early years through to KS4

Enhanced Transitions Plus 1, 2 and 3

The document below provides the framework to support the enhanced transitions of children and oung people from early years settings right through to Key Stage 4. The level of vulnerability and their need for enhanced transition support will be identified as Enhanced Transition Plus 1, 2 or 3.

 Enhanced transition framework [PDF, 659KB]

The documents below, taken from the Enhanced Transition Framework, support the planning process of Enhanced Transitions at Plus 2 and 3. If you have any difficulties with the template of these forms please email

Enhance Transition Parent/Carer Information

 Early years to school parent/carer information [PDF, 300KB]

 Primary to secondary school parent/carer information [PDF, 300KB]

Enhanced Transition SENCO Year Planners

 Early years and foundation enhanced transition year planner [Word, 116KB]

 Primary and secondary enhanced transition year planner [Word, 114KB]

Transition Action Plan

 Transition action plan (electronic version) [Word, 136KB]

 Transition action plan (read only for handwritten recording) [Word, 137KB]

Professionals' Discussion Tool

Recommendations for use of this tool:

Primary School: complete basic and current setting information prior to discussions

Secondary School: complete remainder of the form in discussion with primary staff

 Enhanced transition professionals discussion tool [Word, 126KB]

Transition questionnaires - can be adapted as needed

 Transition review questionnaire for parent/carer [Word, 103KB]

 Transition review questionnaire for young person [Word, 102KB]

Useful transition resources

If you have any other useful resources or links that it would be beneficial to add below, please do not hesitate to email with relevant details.

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Primary and secondary schools

Person centred approaches

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