Education Health and Care Plan resources for parents or guardians


The following guidebook has been produced by the Department for Education with parents in mind.

 Special Educational Needs and disabilites guide for parents and carers [484KB]

If your child has an EHC Plan and you think your child might want a place at a Plymouth special school then please email and provide us with your name and contact telephone number so that we can talk to you about this.

  • We ask that the consideration of a potential transfer to a Special School forms part of the discussion of the annual review meeting with their current school – so that the reasons for this decision are captured and clearly explained.

Our specialist provisions each have a particular designation (this is the type of Special Educational Needs that they cater to) and we need to ensure that children are allocated places at schools able to meet individual needs – for this reason all places at Specialist Provisions are allocated through our Single Multi-Agency Panel (SMAP). As places at our special provisions are limited it is important to consider that the panel will allocate places to children based on highest-level identified needs.

If you are interested in a particular special school you may want to arrange to talk with the head teacher and visit the site. You are welcome to do so, however, we would ask that you speak to us first because any special school allocations are discussed and agreed by panel.


For a list of schools (specialist provisions) in Plymouth and the surrounding area, visit the Plymouth Schools Directory.