Childrens Disability Social Care

The Children's Disability Team provide Social Work support and services to disabled children and young people aged 0 to 18 years old, who have a broad range of needs that impact on their ability to be equal, safe and to achieve their potential.

We recognise that families may need a little extra support from time to time and the Social Workers will work in partnership with parents, carers and young people and to offer advice, support and social work before a situation reaches crisis point. The team work with children and young people aged 0 to 18 years identified as having:

  • A moderate to severe learning disability (including where the young person also has a diagnosed autism spectrum condition)
  • A physical disability or sensory impairment where there is a significant impact on day to day life
  • Complex health needs or long-term medical condition where there is a significant impact on day to day life
  • Needs for services arising out of the child's disabilities or intrinsic condition and  these needs cannot be met by universal or targeted services alone

Social workers take the lead role in co-ordinating and carrying out assessments of need and formulating care plans that are compliant with all relevant statutory requirements and department policies, standards and guidelines that promote the well-being and protection of children. One worker is specifically employed to support transitions to Adult Social Care. We assess needs and risks through the completion of recognised assessment tools in accordance with government and local guidance for Children in Need, Children and Young People in Care and Child Protection.

Where necessary the social worker will initiate appropriate statutory action to protect children at risk and they hold responsibility for undertaking statutory visits to Children and Young People in Care; those subject to a Child Protection Plan and for identifying the permanency needs of children who cannot be cared for at home

We can help children and families by:

  • supporting parenting
  • helping parents develop the skills and understanding to be more effective in meeting their child's needs and to keep them safe at home
  • working with other teams or professionals to coordinate plans
  • requesting funding for short breaks or personal care support
  • arranging alternative care for children whose parents can't care for them
  • reviewing complex support packages regularly to make sure support continues to be right for the changing needs of children and families

To make a referral please contact the Gateway Team on 01752668000 or Out of Hours Team on 01752346984