Aims, Standards and Performance

We are constantly improving the way we monitor and measure corporate customer standards based on customer feedback.

Our aim is to deliver quality services that meet and exceed our customers’ needs and expectations, against agreed service delivery targets.

If you feel like we've failed to deliver a quality service or have any other comments to make please leave feedback here.

1st Stop Shop

71 New George Street, PL1 1RJ

We will ensure our letters and emails:

  • Are easy to understand
  • Give you the correct information
  • Include an apology whenever you have felt let down by our service
  • Tell you what will happen as a result of your enquiry
  • Tell you who is dealing with your enquiry if we have to pass it on
  • Don’t contain abbreviations, jargon or technical terms (unless we know that you will
  • understand them)
  • When we receive an enquiry you from you by letter or email, if we can’t respond within five working days, we will let you know why (complaints are responded to within ten working days)

Our Staff

  • Are friendly and polite
  • Ask the right questions to find out how they can help
  • Listen to you and understand your enquiry
  • Have the right knowledge for the service they are giving you
  • Ensure they know what will happen next
  • Treat you and all customers fairly and respectfully

Contact Centre - 01752 668000

Answer Rates

Plymouth City Council aims to answer 95% of all calls to the contact centre across all service areas and this target is included in Service Level Agreements that are made with the 16 individual departments we take calls for. 

Speed of Answer

Plymouth City Council are committed to answering calls as quickly as possible to ensure that our customers don’t experience lengthy waits and will have confidence that we can provide them with a quality service.  We do however have a limited resource to answer our calls, so we do have to prioritise some services over others. The services that receive a 'high priority' are: 

Adult Social Care, Children Social Care, Community Connections (housing), Client Financial Services, Death Registration and Electoral Services.

Average speed of answer for high priority services: 1 minute, 10 seconds. 

Average speed of answer for standard priority services: 1 minute, 45 seconds. 

Contact Centre - Council tax and Housing Benefit

The best way to contact us is online, however if you do need to phone us please be aware that as council tax/Housing Benefit calls take significantly longer to handle, the average speed of answer is also longer:

Average speed of answer for council tax: 12 minute, 20 seconds. 

Average speed of answer for Housing Benefit: 10 minute, 10 seconds. 

First Contact Resolution

Plymouth City Council aims to resolve all enquiries at the first point of contact, meaning that our customers are provided with the information they need as swiftly as possible. This is however not always possible due to the nature of some services, and if this is the case customer queries will be dealt with in a professional manner with appropriate hand-offs taking place.

Housing Benefit Process Performance

New claims

The current national average for a Local Authority to process a new claim for Housing Benefit is 22 days, however Plymouth City Council aims to process new claims within 20 days.

If you wish to make a claim for Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support, you can apply here.

Change of circumstances

The current national average for a Local Authority to process a change in circumstances for a Housing Benefit claimant is 9 days, we will aim to process any changes you tell us about within 9 days.

If you wish to report a change of circumstances you can do so here.