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Service Documents

Currently the Inclusion, Attendance and Welfare Service provide both the statutory ‘Core Service,’ and non-statutory ‘Enhanced Service,’ to all maintained schools in Plymouth at no cost. From 1 April 2016 all Plymouth maintained schools will receive their Core Service entitlement as a matter of course. In addition schools will have the option to purchase the Enhanced Service through the Services 4 Schools directory. The Schools Charging Paper details the limitations of the Core Service, the opportunities presented to schools through the Enhanced Service and the legal framework that underpins attendance legislation.

The Statutory Service Threshold Guidance serves as a threshold document for schools who do not trade with the Inclusion Attendance and Welfare Service (IAWS). Underpinning this guidance is the Plymouth City Council Prosecution Policy for Non-school Attendance and the Local Code of Conduct for issuing penalty notices. The aim of this guidance is to ensure that we not only comply with the applicable legislative provisions set out in s444 of the Education Act 1996, but that we ensure a fair, equitable and objective process across the city. It is vital that parents are afforded equal opportunity in relation to addressing the issues affecting the poor attendance of their children. Therefore, if legal enforcement action is taken, the Inclusion, Attendance and Welfare Service will ensure that the preceding action and casework is compliant with service standards and expectations in relation to the evidential and public interest tests required under the Code for Crown Prosecutors.

Prosecution Policy

This guidance is intended to support schools in Plymouth in relation to tackling persistent absenteeism. It is intended to promote good practice across the city between Local Authority, schools academies and parents to ensure we are working together to make informed assessments in relation to pupil absence due to illness.

Illness absence guidance

Example Attendance letters for schools