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Service for the sale of empty properties

Should Plymouth City Council (PCC) be instructed by an empty home owner to publicise the sale of their property to the developers registered on the empty homes database it will follow the procedure set out below.

  1. PCC will send an email to the developers providing;
    • an outline description of the property and whether the freehold or leasehold is for sale
    • an OIRO guide to what price the owner is looking for
    • other details such as purchaser to clear etc.
    • provisional date and time for block viewings at the property
    • a closing date for replying by email or phone with expressions of interest to view the property
    • a copy of this document.
  2. PCC will confirm receipt of expressions of interest.
  3. PCC will inform those expressing an interest to view the property of the confirmed date and time for viewings and the date and time when submitted sealed bids will be opened.
  4. PCC will conduct the viewingsi with or without the owner.
  5. Bids will be handled by PCC and should be submitted to PCC using one of the following options:
    • in a sealed envelope by hand on the day of the viewing
    • by mail. Sealed bids should be posted or handed into PCC reception at Ballard House in an envelope marked “sealed bid and the property address” to: Housing Delivery Team (Empty Homes), Strategic Planning & Infrastructure, Plymouth City Council, Ballard House, Floor 2, West Hoe Road, Plymouth PL1 3BJ
  6. All bids should provide the following information;
    • Purchase price offered
    • Intentions for the renovation of the property
    • Estimated timescale for completion of the purchase i.e. access to cash funds
    • Estimated timescale for the renovation of the property
    • Name and contact details of solicitor.
  7. The bids will be opened by an Officer within the Housing Delivery Team.
  8. Once the sealed bid deadline has passed PCC will inform the owner of the bids received.
  9. The owner will decide which bid to accept. Should the owner not be prepared to accept one of the submitted bids PCC will take instruction from the owner as to whether he/she wants PCC to email the two highest bidders with a request to make an improved best and final offer within 24 hours by email to:
  10. PCC will inform the owner of the highest bid and take its instruction from the owner.
  11. PCC will inform the successful bidder and those who have been unsuccessful.
  12. PCC will ensure that both parties have contact details for the owner, the successful bidder and both solicitors. From this point on the process is handed over to the owner and the successful bidder.
  13. PCC reserves the right to use details of the process in press releases.
  14. It should be noted that PCC will not be held responsible for any part of this process and that it takes its instruction from the owner. Its involvement is at all times as an impartial intermediary.

For more information, contact the Housing Delivery Team on 01752 307578 / 01752 307661 or email

Please note there will only be one viewing so viewers need to make sure they collect all the information required at the time of the viewing and bring any other relevant parties along with them.