Future running of leisure facilities

Our leisure facilities are currently managed by SLM Ltd (Everyone Active). They include:

  • Brickfields Sports Centre
  • Mount Wise Pools
  • Plympton Swimming Pool
  • Plymouth Life Centre
  • Tinside Lido

The contract with SLM Ltd expires at the end of March 2022 and we’ve carried out a detailed review of different options for the future running of these facilities.

This has taken into account the significant impact of COVID-19 on the leisure sector, as well as independent financial advice that it would be unlikely for a commercial tender to deliver best value in the current market.

The decision we have made is to transfer the operation of these facilities to a new local authority trading company (LATC), set-up and owned by the Council.

This is considered to be the most cost-effective option but, most importantly, it will also enable us to run facilities in a way that best meets our strategic priorities for Plymouth and the physical activity needs of our communities.

It will help us to:

  • tackle health inequality in the city
  • support our most vulnerable residents
  • make the most of our natural environment and surroundings, including Tinside and Mount Wise, in helping people stay active and well
  • invest in much-needed improvements at Plympton Swimming Pool and Brickfields

Read the latest updates on the future running of leisure facilities.

We will make further details about the new LATC and the transfer available as soon as they are confirmed.

If you have any queries please email LeisureLATC@plymouth.gov.uk.