Our plan for playing pitches

The Plan for Playing Pitches 2015 to 2018 outlines our (and our partners) objectives for playing pitches and will be used to make decisions on pitches in the city.

It has been produced in line with Sport England's guidance for developing a Playing Pitch Strategy and covers the following pitch sports:

  • Football
  • Rugby
  • Hockey
  • Cricket

The plan sets out a range of issues and action points to be addressed over three years including:

  • addressing the provision and quality of pitches
  • addressing any shortages in pitches
  • developing a more co-operative approach to improving pitches and ancillary facilities

Download Plan for Playing Pitches 2015 to 2018 [PDF, 2MB]

Download Appendix 1: Standards [PDF, 935KB]

Download Appendix 2: Artificial Grass Pitches (AGPs) [PDF, 849KB]

Download Appendix 3: Needs assessment [PDF, 11MB]

Download Appendix 4: Action plan [PDF, 188KB]

Download Appendix NA1: Active people and market segmentation data [PDF, 446KB]

Download Appendix NA2: Population change [PDF, 69KB]

Download Appendix NA3: Full data [Excel, 133KB]

Download Appendix NA4: Explanation of match and team equivalents [PDF, 80KB]

Email natinfra@plymouth.gov.uk for more information.