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STEM Plymouth

Read our Strategic Plan to find out more about STEM Plymouth and our activities.

What is STEM Plymouth?

STEM Plymouth is a new initiative bringing together a broad range of organisations to collectively inspire local people of all ages to develop STEM skills and to pursue STEM-related careers, while also encouraging experienced and qualified individuals from across the UK (and internationally) to bring their skills to Plymouth

Why is STEM important for Plymouth?

Employers and educators across the Plymouth region recognise that the skills our local industries need - now and in the future - rely heavily on education and training in STEM subjects. 

To meet our local employment requirements, we need to grow the size of the local workforce with the right STEM skills.

By collaborating with local education providers and employers from the public, private and military sectors across the region, we are creating a network focused on growing, keeping and attracting a skilled and talented local workforce.

Our vision is that by 2031, Plymouth will be a thriving, innovative international ocean city with STEM opportunities driving the region’s growth and productivity.