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Green Minds

Jane Ashford is a Natural Infrastructure Officer with Plymouth City Council - you may have seen her in a series of videos we have produced about how we manage our grass. Here, Jane explains what the teams are up to as the season comes to a close.

Following the tragic death of our female beaver last week, we have made the very difficult decision to re-home our male beaver, Brian.

We are deeply sad to report that Beryl, our female beaver, escaped from her enclosure on Sunday night and has been found dead.

A family of beavers is set to be released in the Forder Valley as part of an exciting new nature scheme.

The Green Minds project, which launches on Monday, seeks to re-wild urban parks, gardens and verges, introduce a new system of working with partners and crucially, encourage more people from all walks to life, to enjoy the health benefits that our green spaces provide.

Plymouth’s Green Minds project is giving away grants to businesses who invest in nature.

The Green Minds project, which will help to re-wild urban areas and encourage people from across the city to enjoy the health benefits from blue and green space, launches this year thanks to €4million funding grant from the European Regional Development Fund under their Urban Innovation Actions Programme. 

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