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Every organisation that engages with the Plymotion at Your Workplace programme will be provided with support to write and manage their own travel plan.

A travel plan is a living document setting out a package of measures aimed at promoting sustainable travel and reducing reliance on single occupancy car journeys. This helps reduce congestion and pollution around our city while promoting healthier, more active lifestyles.

We will provide you with access to iTRACE, a free travel plan writing and monitoring tool which allows you to undertake staff travel surveys so you can understand the travel choices your colleagues are making.

As part of Plymotion, to support your travel plan we can also provide:

More information on workplace travel plans can be found on our travel plan pages

Travel plans 365

If you want to encourage sustainable travel in your organisation we can provide free online training. This is ideal for anyone with responsibility for promoting sustainable travel, workplace travel initiatives and management of a travel plan for an organisation. If you are a site manager, travel plan coordinator, or part of  a travel working group, then this is for you!  

It is a perfect complement to our iTRACE system where you can carry site audits and staff surveys.

This package mixes video guides with customisable templates, and practical advice to provide a training plan that anyone can complete in their own time.

  • Learn at your own pace
  • Complete training modules in your own time
  • Understand key principles through one short video per module

Check out the  demonstration module online here

If You would like to have access to the training modules please email us at