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UK Parliamentary General Election Results

Full results of the general election held on Thursday 4 July.

Plymouth Moor View

Turnout: 57.51%

Candidate Party Votes Elected
Shaun Hooper Reform UK 9,670
Sarah Martin Liberal Democrat 1,766
Johnny Mercer The Conservative Party Candidate 12,061
Georgia Nelson The Green Party 1,694
Fred Thomas Labour Party 17,665 Yes

Plymouth Sutton and Devonport

Turnout: 56.15%

Candidate Party Votes Elected
Peter Gold Reform UK 7,467
Holly Greenberry-Pullen Liberal Democrat 2,441
Robert Oliver Hawkins Socialist Labour Party 183
Cam Hayward The Green Party 3,186
Guy Anthony Haywood Workers Party 311
Alex Moore Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 220
Luke Pollard Labour and Co-operative Party 20,795 Yes
Chaz Singh Independent 619
Gareth Benjamin Streeter The Conservative Party Candidate 6,873

South West Devon

Turnout: 67.48%

Candidate Party Votes Elected
Sarah Allen Labour Party 15,804
Julian Brazil Liberal Democrat 5,551
Ben Davy Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 141
Steve Horner Reform UK 9,361
Darryl Christian Ingram Heritage Party - Freedom. Family. Nation. 106
Lauren Elizabeth McLay The Green Party 2,925
Rebecca Jane Smith The Conservative Party Candidate 17,916 Yes
Alan Charles Spencer Independent 438