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Vote in person

To be able to vote, you must be on the electoral register.

Before the election

Before the election you'll receive a poll card that includes your name, address and elector number. It will tell you the date of the election, polling hours and the location of your polling station (you can only vote at the polling station on your card). The poll card is for information only, if you lose it or forget to take it with you - you can still vote.

On polling day

When you arrive at your polling station show the staff your poll card (you do not currently need a poll card to vote but it is helpful for the staff) or tell them your name and address. They'll check that you're registered, mark their register and give you a ballot paper. Go to one of the polling booths and mark as many crosses (X) as directed in the box on the right hand side against the name or names of the candidate(s) or political party you're voting for. You should put no other mark on the ballot paper or your vote may not be counted. Fold the ballot paper in two and post in the ballot box. Polling hours are between 7am and 10pm.

Email or call 01752 304866 for more information.