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Voting if you have a disability

Plymouth City Council offers a range of support to disabled voters, including voters with a learning disability. Most of our polling stations:

  • are wheelchair accessible and we provide ramps where needed
  • have a polling booth adapted for wheelchair users
  • have large print versions of ballot papers
  • doorbells will be situated at the entrance to the polling station if assistance is required

You are welcome to bring someone you trust to the polling station to help you complete your ballot paper.

Voters with a visual impairment

Tactile voting device

Each polling station will have a tactile voting device. This is a plastic device that is fixed onto the ballot paper so visually impaired people or those with limited dexterity can mark their ballot paper in secret. Please ask the polling station staff if you need to use the device.

Large print version of the ballot paper

Large print versions of the ballot paper will be available in the polling station. You can take a copy to the polling booth with you. You can't vote on the large print version but it can be used for reference.

Guides for voters with a learning disability

You can download easy read guides about voting and registering to vote:

Support from the Presiding Officer

You can also ask the Presiding Officer to assist in casting your vote. The polling station staff are legally bound by the Requirement for Secrecy and your vote will remain secret. If you know which candidate you wish to vote for, you can instruct the Presiding Officer in the privacy of the polling booth, they will mark the ballot paper(s) according to your instructions.

You can also vote by post or vote by proxy.