Changes to your circumstances affecting voting

Let us know about any changes to your circumstances so we can make sure your details are correct on the electoral register.

You've moved house

If you've recently moved you'll need to register again at your new address. You'll need to include your old address, so that we can update your details from that address.

Report a change of address

Someone no longer lives at an address

If someone no longer lives at an address because they’ve moved out or died, you can request that they are removed from the Electoral Register by completing the form below.

Request to remove someone from the Electoral Register

Your name has changed

If your name has changed, let us know and we'll update your details on the electoral register.

Report a change of name

Your name is spelt incorrectly

If your name is spelt incorrectly on the electoral register email or call 01752 304866 and we'll get it changed.