Election notices

General election 8 June 2017

Notice of Election

 Plymouth Moor View [PDF, 71KB]

 Plymouth Sutton and Devonport [PDF, 71KB]

 South West Devon [PDF, 72KB]

Notice of Statement of Persons Nominated and Notice of Poll

 Plymouth Moor View [PDF, 9.8KB]

 Plymouth Sutton and Devonport [PDF, 10KB]

 South West Devon [PDF, 16KB]

Notice of Appointment of Election agents

 Plymouth Moor View [PDF, 8KB]

 Plymouth Sutton and Devonport [PDF, 8KB]

 South West Devon [PDF, 8KB]

Notice of Situation of Polling Stations

 Plymouth Moor View [PDF, 28KB]

 Plymouth Sutton and Devonport [PDF, 29KB]

 South West Devon [PDF, 33KB]


The Parliamentary count will be held after the close of poll at 10pm on Thursday 8 June. The results will be announced on Friday 9 June and the results will be posted on our website and on Twitter @plymouthcc