Find your polling station

Polling hours are between 7am and 10pm on election day.

The location of your polling station will be on your poll card that was sent to you before polling day. If you have lost your poll card email or call 01752 304866. You don’t need a poll card to vote but it is helpful to take with you. You should email or call 01752 304866 to check that you are registered to vote at your address. Poll cards are generally issued about six weeks before polling day.

You can only vote at your specific allocated polling station.

Find your polling station

Please consult our maps below to find your polling station.

 Budshead Polling Stations and Districts  [PDF, 17.5MB]

 Compton Polling Stations and Districts  [PDF, 18.2MB]

 Devonport Polling Stations and Districts  [PDF, 14.8MB]

 Drake Polling Stations and Districts  [PDF, 15.3MB]

 Efford and Lipson Polling Stations and Districts  [PDF, 17.1MB]

 Eggbuckland Polling Stations and Districts  [PDF, 18.7MB]

 Ham Polling Stations and Districts  [PDF, 19.2MB]

 Honicknowle Polling Stations and Districts  [PDF, 4.3MB]

 Moorview Polling Stations and Districts  [PDF, 17.1MB]

 Peverell Polling Stations and Districts  [PDF, 18.8MB]

 Plympton Chaddlewood Polling Stations and Districts  [PDF, 14.3MB]

 Plympton Erle Polling Stations and Districts  [PDF, 3.5MB]

 Plympton St Mary Polling Stations and Districts  [PDF, 14.6MB]

 Plymstock Dunstone Polling Stations and Districts  [PDF, 3.1MB]

 Plymstock Radford Polling Stations and Districts  [PDF, 16.1MB]

 Southway Polling Stations and Districts  [PDF, 13.6MB]

 St Budeaux Polling Stations and Districts  [PDF, 15.4MB]

 St Peter and the Waterfront Polling Stations and Districts  [PDF, 14.5MB]

 Stoke Polling Stations and Districts  [PDF, 17.8MB]

 Sutton and Mount Gould Polling Stations and Districts  [PDF, 15.4MB]

 Assistance for disabled voters

  • All our polling stations have wheelchair access and include a low level polling booth for people with wheelchairs
  • Large print versions of ballot papers are available in all polling stations
  • Special aids are available to enable blind voters to mark ballot papers without assistance
  • A friend or relative may assist a disabled voter at the polling station

Accessibility for Local Elections in Plymouth

Staff in Plymouth City Council’s Electoral Services team have been working over the last year to check that access to the 113 polling stations allows everyone who wants to cast their vote in person to be able to do so.

As a result there have been some changes made, please check below to see if your usual place of polling has been affected. If you need any further advice please contact the Council’s elections team on or 01752 304 866.

Stoke - Church of the Redeemer on St Barnabas Terrace

We were asked to improve car parking access. Disabled parking bays nearer to the access ramp will now be available and clearly signed.

Moor View - St Anne’s Church on Glenholt Road

The broken door was repaired in January and both sides can now fully open, enabling a wheelchair to pass through.

Ham - St Phillip’s Church on Bridwell Road

The access lift will be serviced prior to the election and a plan to assist electors who do not wish to use the lift has been created. A temporary call bell at the entrance will be available if anyone needs to call for attention or assistance.

Drake – Charles with St Matthias Church on Clifton Place

The access lift here is broken, in order to enable those who cannot enter the building to vote the Presiding Officer will meet electors outside and assist. A temporary call bell at the entrance will be available if anyone needs to call for attention or assistance.


We were alerted to accessibility issues at the three locations below. A temporary call bell at the entrance will be available if anyone needs to call for attention or assistance

Devonport - Keyham Methodist Community Centre on Admiralty Street

Devonport - Mount Wise Neighbourhood Centre on Clowance Street

Honicknowle – Knowle Primary School