Local elections 2018

There will be local council elections across the city on Thursday 3 May 2018 except in the Plympton Erle ward.

Poll cards

These will be sent out 27 March 2018. If you don't receive one by Friday 6 April 2018 you should email ero@plymouth.gov.uk or call 01752 304866 to check that you are registered to vote at your address.

You don't need a poll card to be able to vote. The card confirms that you are registered to vote and tells you your allocated polling station. If you're a postal voter you'll get a different colour postal poll card telling you when the postal ballot papers are being sent.

Further information on candidates and legal notices for the election are available on the Election Notices page.

The Electoral Commission provides further information about registering to vote and voting at elections.

Key deadlines

  • Registration deadline – Tuesday 17 April 2018 (midnight)
  • Postal voting deadline – Wednesday 18 April 2018 (5pm)
  • Proxy voting deadline – Wednesday 25 April (5pm)