Types of elections

Local elections (Plymouth City Council)

In a local election you're voting to elect Plymouth councillors who will represent your views for the ward (area) you live in.

Police and Crime Commissioners elections

In a Police and Crime Commissioners election you're voting for a Police and Crime Commissioner for Devon and Cornwall. They're responsible for holding the Devon and Cornwall Police Chief Constable to account and:

  • producing a police and crime plan which sets out local priorities
  • setting the local policing budget and decide how money will be spent
  • appointing and removing Chief Constables

UK Parliament (general) elections

In a UK Parliament (general) election you're voting for somebody to represent you in Parliament, as a Member of Parliament (MP), in a parliamentary constituency.

European Parliamentary elections

In a European Parliamentary election, you're voting for somebody to represent you in the European Parliament as a Member of the European Parliament (MEP).


In a referendum you're voting on a single question.