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What's in our meals

There are mandatory standards that apply to the food that can be provided in schools to ensure that meals are made from high quality ingredients and provide a balanced, tasty meal.

These food standards changed on 1 January 2015 and they now cover all school meals and include all food and drink provided at lunch time across our three week menu.

Food standards also apply to food other than school lunch for example tuck services.

Links to the standards and more information can be found below:

At CATERed we are always looking at recipes and exploring new ways in which we can further develop to ensure that they will prove popular with pupils, parents and staff whilst meeting the food standards.

All children and young people should be able to have access to, and enjoy a nutritionally balanced and healthy diet.

What would we like from you?

We would love you to share your favourite meals and recipe ideas to see how we could include them on future menus.

We would particularly welcome ideas and suggestions for our vegetarian meal choices.

We are able to accommodate a wide range of special diets (for example gluten-free, coeliac and so on) and offer the opportunity for parents to meet with the Kitchen Manager at their child's school on a one to one basis to talk through the menu and recipes.

We welcome feedback from our customers so whether you're a parent/carer or a pupil/student, please feel free to send us menu ideas or recipes. You can contact us by email at or talk directly to the Kitchen Manager at your school.

Guides to the School Food Standards:

Ed's Super Fantastic Little Book of Recipes

Ed has come up with a plan to share his favourite meals with everyone, please download your very own copy of Ed’s recipe book and have a go at making them yourselves.

CATERed Recipe Book