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Your child’s school will regularly monitor and review your child’s progress.

For further information about Special Educational Needs, including Education Health and Care plans, visit the Local Offer website.

Alternatively, if you need independent support and advice around Special Educational Need visit the Plymouth Information Advice and Support website.

There are a number of pathways into training and employment for young people with special educational needs. Entry requirements to these pathways will normally take individual barriers to learning into account.

How can you support your child at school?

  • Find out how to contact your child’s teachers and communicate with them. 
  • Find out about Parent Forums and Parent Voice
  • Keep an eye on your child’s progress and encourage them in all their subjects including English and Maths.
  • If your child is working below target in English and Maths, ask the school for additional support and intervention.  They will have lots of ideas and suggestions.
  • Speak to the school if your child experiences any issues with his/her work.   
  • Start thinking with your child about the subjects he/she enjoys most and how they feel they are progressing and can progress.
  • If he/she hasn’t already started their GCSE or other options, your child will have to make option choices this year. Find out what their favourite courses will entail in year 10 (How much written work? What type of examination and qualification?)
  • Talk about other skills your child is developing positively, like interpretation and evaluation. Critical thinking and problem solving skills.  Observation and enquiry. Financial literacy, data and statistical confidence.

Maths and English

Maths and English are essential skills for helping young people achieve in their lives. These subjects help young people with all the other subjects they are learning. Maths and English build confidence and self-esteem, preparing young people for the world of work in the future. 

It is a government requirement that the majority of students will be working towards a Grade 4 or above in Maths and English.  For some young people with SEND, this requirement may not be appropriate. However, it is an expectation that young people continue to develop their maths and English skills as part of any pathway into employment, independence or supported living and working.

There are lots of ways to improve your Maths and English. You can speak to your son or daughters school for further advice.

Find out more information about qualifications

Planning for your future