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About our meals

School food standards ensure that meals have high quality ingredients and provide a balanced, tasty meal. All children and young people should have access to and enjoy a nutritious, balanced and healthy diet.

Food standards also apply to food other than school lunch for example tuck services.

The School Food Plan - School Food Standards

CATERed are always working to improve and develop our recipes.

Why Ed's lunchtime menu is awesome

We use fresh, seasonal, local and organic ingredients. Every child and young person in Plymouth deserve the best!

We're proud of our achievements and are recognised as being amongst the best in the country.

We work with our suppliers to ensure that we treat animal welfare as a priority. We source as much local food as possible. We work with and support local growers and producers. Using only free-range eggs we hold the Good Egg Award.

We ensure that we are at the forefront of the school food industry and national developments. We support our work with our schools and all our menus for primary and special schools meet all the Government requirements.

Schools have individual needs, and we work with them to deliver the best for the school and all their pupils!

What would we like from you

We would love you to share your favourite meals and recipe ideas to see how we could include them on future menus.

We particularly welcome ideas and suggestions for our vegetarian meal choices.

We can accommodate a wide range of special diets (for example gluten-free, coeliac and so on). Parents can meet with the Kitchen Manager at their child's school on a one-to-one basis to talk through the menu and recipes.

We welcome feedback feel free to send us menu ideas or recipes. You can contact us by email at or talk to the Catering Manager at your school.

Ed's Super Fantastic Little Book of Recipes

Ed has come up with a plan to share his favourite meals with everyone. Download your very own copy of Ed’s recipe book and have a go at making them yourselves.

CATERed Recipe Book

School food standards guides

Read the food standards and guidance on GOV.UK.