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Appeal a school transport decision

If we have refused your school transport application, you can appeal the decision. There are 2 stages to the appeal process.

Stage 1 appeal

You must submit an appeal within 20 working days of the date on the refusal letter.

The appeal should explain why you think the decision should be reviewed. You should give details of any personal or exceptional circumstances we should consider.

How to submit an appeal

Email your appeal to

After we have received your appeal, a Senior Transport Officer will review the original decision and tell you the outcome within 20 working days. The officer will review what was considered and how the decision was reached. If the appeal is refused, the letter will tell you how to request a stage 2 appeal.

Stage 2 appeal

After you receive your appeal outcome, you have 20 working days to submit a stage 2 appeal. An independent appeal panel of Senior Officers (independent of the original decision) will consider representations from both the parent and officers involved in the case. The panel will consider your appeal within 40 working days of your submitting it.

You will receive the outcome of the panel within 5 working days of the hearing. The outcome will include:

  • the decision
  • how the appeal was conducted
  • if other departments and/or agencies were consulted
  • what information was considered
  • the reason for the decision reached

If the appeal is refused, the outcome letter will tell you how to raise your appeal with the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman.