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Armada Way project to restart

14 March 2023

UPDATE (15 March 2023)

Plymouth City Council Spokesperson, said: “We can confirm that the Council received an injunction at 12.57am to cease the further removal of the trees on Armada Way. We instructed contractors to stop work immediately. We will be obtaining legal advice once we have received the claimant’s application, as directed by the court.”

UPDATE (14 March 2023)

The Armada Way project will restart – but with more trees and further changes to the design.

An executive decision has been signed today giving the go-ahead to the scheme with the final design to include 169 semi-mature new trees, a revised tree planting schedule and a commitment to investigate wider tree planting in the city centre.

This means an additional 19 semi-mature trees, including more evergreen and wider canopy trees as well as keeping another existing tree. The amendments follow from the engagement programme held to ensure people had a chance to make final comments before the scheme got underway.

Assistant Chief Executive Giles Perritt said: “We need to get on with this scheme. We’ve listened, we have made more environmental improvements and have added more trees but our core priority has to be creating a smart, business friendly, attractive, city centre. We cannot lose sight of why we wanted this scheme to happen in the first place.

“We know some people will not be happy with this but we hope that the majority of our residents will appreciate that we have done all we can to address people’s concerns.”

For more information visit Armada Way | PLYMOUTH.GOV.UK