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Beaumont Park

Beaumont Park was the vision of Reverend Thomas Bewes who owned Beaumont House (built in 1800) which borders the park. He bequeathed the land which now forms the park to the people of Plymouth after his death in 1890. The park was opened to the public in 1892, in those days there were clear views across Sutton Harbour and the Plymouth Sound.

The park is surrounded by high walls and forms a unit with the next door Beaumont House. There are formal gardens near to the house whilst the rest of the park contains mature trees. The park is known to some as 'Squirrel Park' because of the abundance of grey squirrels that scamper about between the trees.

In 1899, Beaumont Road became the first tram route to be electrified in Plymouth. There are reminders of the tram days still on the south wall of Beaumont House, though the last tram passed in 1936. Before it's present ownership, Beaumont House was used as a museum (1898 to 1916) and a medical dispensary (1916 to 1988).

Beaumont Park is home to a number of mature trees including oaks, beech, sycamore and horse chestnut. During the Spring there is a display of woodland wildflowers on the southern side of the park. 

A large playground with a selection of different equipment including wheelchair accessible items, as well as a basketball hoop and ball games areas is also within the park. 

Facilities and visitor information

Opening times

Open from 7.30am until dusk and free to use

Sports facilities

Basketball hoop and ball games area at the west end of the park immediately to the north of the playground


Large playground within the park at the western end refurbished in 2009, includes wheelchair swing (access with radar key), wheelchair accessible roundabout, trampoline, range of swings, toddler and senior multi-play units and spinning pole

Access and seating

Paths have a good surface allowing pram and wheelchair users to access most areas, with a few areas having steps. There is seating throughout the park.

Most accesses are level but one or two have steps

Wheelchair accessible roundabout and swing (access with radar key)

Travel and directions

10 minute walk from the city centre along Ebrington Street

Accessible using public transport with bus stops along Beaumont Road and Tothill Avenue

Free car parking for one hour along Beaumont Road on the south side of the park

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