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Blockhouse Park

Blockhouse Park is a truly special place, one of the highest points in the city (70m) offering spectacular views of Dartmoor, Plymouth Sound and over the River Tamar to Bodmin Moor.

During the summer months Swifts can be seen above the park screeching whilst they perform aerial acrobatics. 

The Mount Pleasant Redoubt sits at the highest point of the park and was originally built in 1789. It was originally built to provide landward protection for the Dockyard which it looks down upon and to defend against an invading army  because of tensions with America, France and Spain in the aftermath of the American Revolution. 

The defences were upgraded in 1811 at the height of the Napoleonic Wars but was mothballed in 1815 when the War with France ended and was not recommissioned.

In the Second World War it housed anti-aircraft guns and a barrage balloon to defend Devonport Dockyard and was also used by ARP Wardens due to its far reaching views across the city.

After the war the Blockhouse fort was demolished leaving just the foundations and earthenworks and the site opened as a public park. There is a play area, a community centre and numerous paths to make the best of the stunning view.

Blockhouse Park has an active Friends Group that support us to care for the space and deliver projects for the local community.  They have planted wildflowers and numerous fruiting trees to develop community growing whilst maintaining the wild feel of the park. They also organise an annual Fun Day. Stoke Stars and The Village Hub are the 2 oganisations that work together for the benefit of Blockhouse Park and the local community. To find out more why not visit their facebook pages.

To find out more about Friends Groups, visit the Friends Groups Pages

Facilities and visitor information

Opening times

Open 24 hours a day and free to use


Toilets which are free to use during daylight hours

Playground and sport facilities

Small playground with a few different pieces of equipment and a mini football pitch

Access and seating

Most paths are tarmac, allowing pram and wheelchair users to access to some areas

Located on a steep hill and steps are present in several places and there is seating throughout the park

Travel and directions

One and half miles from the city centre

Accessible using public transport with bus stops along Devonport Road to the south of the park

Parking available on adjacent roads (no official car park)

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