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Budshead Wood (LNR)

Nature and wildlife 

Much of Budshead Woods is classed as being ancient, meaning the trees have been recoreded to be growing here since at least 1600, which is more than 400 years ago. 

The site provides a valuable landscape and biodiversity resource for the area and contains a number of habitats including woodland, a stream, a pond and a tidal creek.

Spring time is agreat time to spot woodland flowers such a lesser celandinem bluebells, primroses and wild garlic. 

Whilst exploring the woods you may hear the sound of a woodpecker pecking at the old trees or the sounds of buzzards soaring overhead. 

Travel Directions and Access 


  • Flat entrances which are accessible for wheelchairs and prams
  • Steps and steep slopes at most entrances to the reserve 
  • Not all pathways in the reserve are accessible for wheelchairs and prams
  • Benches throughout the reserve 

All this information is detailed on the access map. 

Travel and directions

  • Two minutes walk from Budshead Road
  • Cycle route runs through the Reserve from Budshead Road to Rochford Crescent
  • Accessible using public transport with bus stops along Budshead Road to the east of the reserve
  • No official car park. On street parking at Budshead Road and Rochford Crescent 

Walks and features

There are a network of trails and paths you can follow to explore the woods.

  • Speedwell Passage - 20 minute flat walk with easy access
  • Massachusetts Trail - 40 minute walk
  • Thunderbird Path - 40 minute walk
  • Forefeathers Steps - 1 hour walk 

As well as the trails there are wooded areas throughout the site. Along the Thunderbird and Forefeathers trail you will be able to spot the old veteranr Oak Tree that stands in the woods. 

A pond sits in one corner of Budshead wood which can be seen along the Massachusetts and Forefeathers trails. 

Use the Site Features Map to find out more. 

Site Management Information 

All the links give you detailed information on the management of Budshead Wood and any surveys we have completed. 

Download Budshead Wood Management Plan [PDF, 1.72MB]

Habitat survey

Improvements map

Management unit map

Budshead WoodBudshead Wood is a Local Nature Reserve located in the north-west of Plymouth immediately east of Ernesettle and south of Tamerton Creek. This site covers 14 hectares (that's around 14 full-sized football pitches) and is a place where you can relax, walk, play and explore nature. Cross over from the Budshead Road entrance and you'll find yourself in Woodland Wood.

Budshead Wood is an ancient woodland next to a tidal creek which joins the Tamar. Why not take your family for a stroll enjoying the sounds and smells of the woods? Below you will find out all the information you need for a visit to Budshead Wood.

Remember this is a Local Nature Reserve, please be considerate to wildlife and to other users.