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City centre projects

Plymouth City Centre has an amazing past and we want it to have an incredible future.

It has the highest number of 20th century listed buildings in the country and love it or hate it, our Post War architecture makes Plymouth unique.

Like all city centres, there has been a massive shift away from traditional shopping, with many of us shopping online and footfall down by 21 per cent even before the pandemic. The High Street as we know it has changed radically.

We need our city centre to be buzzing in the evenings, a place where people work, play, eat and sleep as well as shop.

We are on the way. While we’ve lost some old High Street names, more businesses are popping up – from axe throwing to cafes and games spots.

New hotels are here in Plymouth and more are on their way. More people now live in the city centre – which is exactly what we want to see.

We also need to plan for our future and to respond to the climate emergency.

We all need to think greener and using more sustainable transport is one way of reducing the impact we have on the environment.

Better routes for cyclists and walkers, stronger public transport links and reduced reliance on the private car has to be part of the next chapter of the city centre story.

These schemes are about reviving the city centre and while there will be short term inconvenience, the long term gain is somewhere that celebrates its city unique 20th century heritage, while making sure its 21st century visitors, you – our residents – have the best time when you are here.

There’s a lot going on and we’ve been awarded some significant funding to crack on with the task – with some rather tight deadlines.