How we spend your council tax

We've saved £65 million in three years by modernising services and joining up with partners

We play a key part in making sure the day-to-day life of the city runs smoothly. We provide support for the more vulnerable and with our partners, make long-term plans to improve life for everyone who lives here.

We've over 300 services with staff that work to keep our streets clean, keep us all on the move, enable our children to achieve and enjoy their schools as well as be on hand for key moments of people's lives, such as weddings and registering births. Your council tax pays for a huge range of these services.

 Council tax and budget information 2019/2020 [PDF, 140KB]

Please visit our Statement of accounts page for more information.

This past year we've:

  • collected 5,000 tonnes of garden waste
  • cut 5,000,000 square metres of grass
  • emptied 10.6 million wheelie bins
  • provided 610,000 hours of care to help people remain living at home
  • provided 4,700 long term care support packages for adults
  • provided 10,400 health checks for babies and toddlers
  • looked after 1,040km of roads
  • looked after 28,500 street lights
  • cleaned 42,000 gullies
  • created 388 jobs through Council initiatives
  • dealt with more than 300,000 customer enquiries
  • lent 740,300 digital books through our online library
  • brought dozens of events to Plymouth including MTV Crashes and the Transat
  • created 20 wildflower meadows
  • demolished the Quality Hotel and now have a developer for the site

Looking forward we hope to:

  • deliver 5,000 new homes by 2021
  • bring 375 empty homes back into use with Council support
  • invest £410 million in Plymouth secured
  • create 3,490 jobs through developments