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Eastern Corridor Junction Improvements Scheme (Plymouth Road)

The B3416 Plymouth Road in Plympton is one of the busiest routes in the city with 40,000 vehicles using it daily. It is often congested, with motorists experiencing delays during peak periods and bus services suffering from unreliable journey times. In addition to this, the traffic signal junctions along Plymouth Road are ageing and operate poorly when compared to modern day equipment.

Known as the Eastern Corridor Junction Improvements Programme, the objectives are to reduce traffic delays along the B3416 Plymouth Road, improve road safety by upgrading pedestrian crossings and provide new cycle facilities. An important outcome is improving both journey times for motorists and service reliability for buses on this busy route helping to discourage rat-running through Woodford.

The preferred scheme includes the replacement of the traffic signal equipment with modern more efficient traffic signals, an increase to the length of the right turn lane from Plymouth Road to Cot Hill to prevent the overspill of the queue wanting to turn right that often blocks traffic heading east towards Plympton, the scheme also includes improved cycling and pedestrian facilities.

The operation of the traffic signal junctions was reviewed to identify how they could work together more efficiently, with yellow box markings proposed to encourage gaps for turning traffic. The proposals also include options to improve the junction at the top of Cot Hill where it meets Merafield Road where, during peak times, traffic queues back down Cot Hill towards Plymouth Road.

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