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Forder Valley Link Road - Newsletter August 2021

Forder Valley Link Road - Newsletter title with watermarked bridge image in the background.

What's been happening

The construction of the bridge is progressing well. Final preparation work is being completed for the first pouring of concrete onto the bridge deck.

In other news work continues, on the Forder Valley Road (West) footpath with the installation of edging, ducts, kerbs and fencing. Once complete work will begin on the widening of the carriageway.

The subway extension and building of a new retaining wall has begun at Forder Valley Interchange in preparation for the carriageway widening. Where part of the existing subway has had to be demolished, we have used water (hydro demolition) as it reduces air and noise pollution and is less harmful to the environment.

What's happening next

  • Bridge construction continues throughout August.

  • BT will continue to replace fibre optic cables across the site.

  • Earth works will begin on the retention pond.

  • Carriage way widening works are ongoing on Forder Valley Road (South) to Longbridge Road.

  • Street lights on Forder Valley Road (South) will be connected and temporary street lights will be removed.

Environmental mitigation

This winter we planted 65 standard trees (large trees that are already six to eight feet tall and usually three or four years old before they’re planted) and 875 whips (younger, slender unbranched trees that are a few feet high) in the Forder Valley and Bircham Valley Nature Reserves to improve the diversity of these woodlands. This will help improve the forage and shelter in the woodlands and benefit a range of small mammals, invertebrates, and birds. We also fenced small areas within the reserves to protect the vulnerable whips from the abundant deer population.

Since the start of the project we have planted:

  • Novorossiysk Road – 1500 whips and 130 standard trees

  • Forder Valley and Bircham Local Nature Reserves – 1375 whips and 110 standard trees

  • Seaton Valley – 1000 whips and 50 standard trees

Meet the team

Did you know that 80% of our team live locally? We have tried to make sure that where we can we recruit local people and local contractors.

Meet Mark Vinnacombe one of our senior site foremen who is from Plymouth. Mark has been on site since the start of the project in 2018 and is passionate in supporting the local community:

“Since joining the team on the Forder Valley transport improvements, I have been fortunate to be able to support the local community in a variety of different ways. I have worked with local schools and nurseries and arranged for surplus materials to be delivered that can be used for outdoor playtimes. I am currently working with St Edward’s Primary School in Eggbuckland to create an outdoor play area for the students during the summer holidays. Team members are volunteering their time to help support and some of our contractors are donating materials.”

Community news

The Forder Valley Interchange team has been busy supporting the local community. While work is being carried out to extend the subway and widen the footway/cycleway between Wilburt Road and Barnstaple Close, we have needed to close these areas and divert pedestrians and cyclists through the nature reserve. In preparation for the diversion members of the team worked hard to clear litter on the temporary route and remove debris on the ground using a leaf blower. With the diversion in place until January 2022 the team will continue to regularly walk the new route, to make sure it is clean and clear of litter.