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Grant funding for green minded businesses

Central Park

Plymouth’s Green Minds project is giving away grants to businesses who invest in nature.

The Green Minds project, which will help to re-wild urban areas and encourage people from across the city to enjoy the health benefits from blue and green space, launches this year thanks to €4million funding grant from the European Regional Development Fund under their Urban Innovation Actions Programme. 

The new grants of up to €10,000 will be administered by Green Minds partners the Real Ideas Organisation to community businesses, social enterprises and community groups working in green spaces in Devonport and Stonehouse. 

Projects and ideas must have environmental, social, and financial value, and that see nature, alongside the communities they are working in, as stakeholders in what they are trying to achieve. 

The funds will support these organisations in the design and implementation of green space improvements and enterprising activity, engaging community members in the Devonport and Stonehouse neighbourhoods.

Councillor Sue Dann, Cabinet member for Street Scene and the Environment, said: “We know that times are tough for many businesses at the moment, so these grants come at a real opportune moment. 

“What I love most about this is that this money will be invested back into the city, into our wonderful parks or seas, for the benefit of Plymouth residents.”  

Tom Butt, consultant at the Real Ideas Organisation, said: "Covid has shown us the importance of parks and green spaces for our health and happiness. If you have an outdoor business idea that helps the people of Plymouth and works with our natural spaces then get in touch – this is a fantastic opportunity to get your idea started…" 

The maximum award given per applicant is €10,000 (subject to exchange rate), and this can cover professional services, equipment, and capital costs, but staffing costs are not eligible for cover through this fund.

RIO are initially asking for a short expression of interest from any groups and organisations wishing to apply, including a short project description of 500 words and an outline of what the fund will pay for. To be eligible for the fund they want to know that:

1.    Your project involves costs for equipment, infrastructure, and or expertise –max €10,000.
2.    It is based in, or helps the people of Devonport and Stonehouse.
3.    It is an idea that will make money and has both social and environmental benefit.

If this sounds like your idea, then please download your expression of interest form and send completed to Amy Cooper, Programme Coordinator by 27 July 2020.