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Help points

Emergency help points can be found in the city centre, Barbican and Mutley.

If you activate a help point, it will connect you to our 24/7 CCTV control room which links to enforcement, the police and Plymouth Against Retail Crime (PARC). Cameras nearby will move so the control room can watch while an appropriate emergency response is on its way.

Help point locations

  • Armada Way (near the sundial)
  • High Street Primary Academy, Stonehouse
  • King Street Pharmacy, Stonehouse
  • Mayflower Street (at the Armada Way junction)
  • Mutley Plain (outside Starbucks)
  • North Hill (outside Spar)
  • Royal Parade (Armada Way pedestrian crossing)
  • Southside Street (at Friary’s Lane junction)
  • Union Street (one outside Lidl and another on The Octagon)
  • West Hoe Park