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How we look after parks and greenspaces in Plymouth

We look after 950 hectares of open space which equates to approx. 40% of Plymouth. There is a range of different open space that we care for including parks, local nature reserves, play areas, beaches, trees, hedges and verges. 

We are so lucky to have that much space to enjoy, but it takes a lot to look after such a lot of space.

We use a variety of different land management practices to take care of the land in Plymouth, some of which is detailed below. 

Land Management Practices 

  • Trialling no use of presticides in areas of the city
  • wildflower areas and reduced grass cutting 
  • Rewilding as part of Green Minds
  • Commerical practices 
  • Robo Mowers
  • Nature Based Solutions - SUDS / Beavers 

Grass areas and verges 

We have a number of grasslands across the city that we manage.

We cut grass areas between March and October on a four weekly schedule, on estates and in parks. Towards the end of the growing season we will be completing a full cut of the city to make sure that sites are in good condition for the following year.

Some areas of the city dont get cut as these are managed as wildflower areas which are great for wildlife and people. Some areas we leave for wildflwoer are verges, areas in parks, amenity greenspace and roundabouts. Find out more about the wildflower areas in the city

Trees and hedges 

We are responsible for keeping council owned trees in a healthy and safe condition. Trees on Council land include trees:

  • on the highway (i.e. within the road, roadside grass verge, or footpath)
  • in a public park, open space or area of formal play
  • within a Countryside site managed by the Council
  • in woodlands and nature reserve
  • on farms managed by the council

We cut general amenity hedges once a year, in the winter to avoid disturbing birds that may be nesting in the hedges.

To find out more about the services we offer for trees and hedges in the city, visit our Trees and Hedges pages for more information. 

Forshore and beaches

We're maintain eleven miles of foreshore and beaches within Plymouths boundaries.

Floral Displays

We plant the city's annual flowerbeds twice a year and fertilized them naturally with chicken manure.

Pitches and Sports Grounds

We look after a vareity of different sports pitches and grounds across the city, which all require different maintence. 

The areas include:

  • Football and rugby pitches
  • Cricket wicket
  • Bowls greens
  • Tennis courts
  • Multi Use Games Areas
  • Skate Parks

School grounds

We provide a grounds maintenance service to schools in Plymouth and includes:

  • Athletic track marking
  • Grass cutting
  • Hedge maintenance
  • Pitch maintenance shrub bed maintenance
  • Playground marking (includes play marks, netball, tennis etc)
  • Sports pitch marking
  • Tree work (adhoc basis)
  • Weed kill of hard surfaces

How you can help to keep them special for everyone forever.

Join one of our Friends groups or community groups to help us maintain the city’s parks and greenspaces.

Please pick up your litter and place in bins provided or take home with you as it can be dangerous to wildlife and other park users.

Why not join the army of litter pickers from Clean our Patch to help keep our parks and greenspace clean and safe for everyone.