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Inclusive Growth

Inclusive Growth

Ensuring growth in prosperity is achieved in a way that reduces inequality, and is sustainable.

Ensure recruitment, retention, and development of all sections of society

  • Develop a campaign to promote inclusive growth across those sectors with very low wages to encourage adoption of living wage;
  • Support businesses and social enterprises to go further than a standard corporate social responsibility programme to grow;
  • Encourage clustering of businesses to increase skills, enable career progression, and increase average wages;
  • Work with influencers across the city to ensure that policy is assessed for the impact on the lowest earners.

Integrate Inclusive Growth in policy

  • Integrate Inclusive Growth through strategic projects in the city – in their planning, design, delivery and legacy.

Embed Inclusive Growth in procurement and commissioning across the city

  • Ensure that leadership for Inclusive Growth is embedded across the city;
  • Create a Resurgam Chartermark that businesses and other organisations can apply for to demonstrate their commitment to delivering Inclusive Growth.