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Mental wellbeing

The 5 ways to wellbeing are the five everyday areas of life that bring the biggest boost to happiness. Evidence shows that by building these simple measures into our daily lives we can make a big difference to our health and happiness.

Employers and organisations from all corners of Plymouth are getting on board – and recognsing that improving wellbeing is easier than they thought: “We’ve started opening our team meetings with a 10 minute walk round our office building. It really helps chase away the cobwebs and get the old grey matter working. Meetings are much more dynamic and we’re hearing much more creativity from our staff as a result.” Alan, Plymouth.                                  

We want to encourage each other to do a bit more of what makes us happy because we think this could make a big difference to the health and happiness of our city.

Are you surviving or thriving? Health and social care leaders in Plymouth about their own mental health: how they feel when they're surviving (struggling) and thriving (feeling good), plus some of the things they do to help themselves thrive.