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Thrive Plymouth

Thrive Plymouth is led by the Office of the Director of Public Health, Plymouth City Council and is our 10-year plan to improve health and wellbeing and reduce health inequalities in the city. The programme is based on the knowledge that poor diet, lack of exercise, tobacco use and excess alcohol consumption are risk factors for coronary heart disease, stroke, cancers and respiratory problems which together account for 54% of deaths in Plymouth (i.e. 4-4-54). Based on this approach, through addressing these four lifestyle behaviours, we hope to prevent these chronic diseases and reduce the number of deaths associated with them.

In addition to an ongoing focus on the four lifestyle behaviours, Thrive Plymouth has a specific annual focus which is built on each year. In Year 1 the focus was promoting workplace health and wellbeing. In Year 2 we focused on schools and educational settings through promotion of the Healthy Child Quality Mark. In Year 3 we localised Public Health England’s ‘One You’ campaign , which encourages people to put themselves first and do something to improve their own health. Year 4 focused on promoting the five ways to wellbeing (Connect, Learn, Be Active, Notice, and Give). Year 5 focused on connecting people through food. Year 6 which launch recently focuses on the connection between participation in arts, heritage, culture and hospitality and good wellbeing.