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We manage the following moorings in Plymouth.

We currently have no mooring vacancies. To join our waiting list email


Mooring fees are inclusive of VAT at 20 per cent.

Type Monthly Annual
Deep Water up to 7 metres £45 £271
Deep Water up to 9 metres £62.50 £375.50
Deep Water up to 12 metres £80 £480.50
Deep Water over 12 metres £107 £644
Tidal up to 7 metres £31 £185
Tidal over 7 metres £36.50 £219
Club and Association mooring (Deep Water) N/A £374
Club and Association mooring (Tidal) N/A £185

Terms and Conditions

  1. All moorings are subject to any directions of the Queens Harbour Master (QHM). At the instruction of the QHM, Plymouth City Council (PCC) can, upon one months’ notice to remove a vessel forthwith, remove a mooring. This may be undertaken without notice, under the direction of the QHM, in the situation whereby the mooring and/or vessel present an urgent issue to navigational safety. 
  2. The allocation of a mooring expires on 31st March in the year of first allocation and each subsequent year in which it is renewed. PCC reserves the right not to renew the site allocation at the end of the first or any subsequent year. 
  3. An online mooring renewal application MUST be made by 1st April of each year, along with the full annual mooring fee. It is the sole responsibility of the Boat Owner to renew their mooring on time, whist PCC send a courtesy email renewal reminder, Boat Owners may wish to have their own arrangements in place to guarantee they renew on time. Should this not be received then:
    • The mooring in respect of which the fee is due may be removed by PCC at the Boat Owners expense.
    • The mooring site may then be reallocated by PCC.
    • PCC reserves the right to remove and dispose of any vessel and tackle in a mooring site for which the fee remains unpaid after 30th April.
    • Such actions may be taken by PCC in respect of such removal or disposal or anything arising from such actions, but PCC shall not sell or otherwise dispose of any vessel without first giving the Boat Owner at least one month’s written notice of its intention to do so. If the Boat Owner claims the vessel and tackle before PCC has sold or otherwise disposed of it, PCC shall release the vessel and tackle to the Boat Owner on payment of PCC’s storage charges and other reasonable costs and expenses.
    • In the event of any such vessel and tackle being sold, the balance of the proceeds of sale shall be paid to the Boat Owner after the deduction of PCC’s reasonable costs and expenses. 
  4. PCC reserves the right to instruct the removal of a mooring to a different position upon not less than one month’s notice in writing to the Boat Owner, unless required by QHM (as detailed in point 1). 
  5. Whilst endeavouring to allocate a site for a mooring in the position/area requested this may not always be possible, therefore PCC always reserves the right to offer the nearest suitable alternative. 
  6. Except in the case of death or unexpected disability, a mooring is not transferable to any family members or third party. The Pier Master MUST be notified, in writing, when requesting a transfer including the reason for the transfer and the name and address of the new Boat Owner. PCC will confirm, in writing, within 14 days of receipt of the request, whether the request is approved. 
  7. Moorings may not be sub-let. Such actions breach the terms and condition of moorings and will result in forfeiture of the mooring with no refund. 
  8. Boat Owners MUST indemnify PCC against all claims and demands, losses, charges, costs, and expenses which PCC may at any time incur or become liable to in consequence of failings to perform or observe any of the terms and conditions for moorings or any reasonable instruction of PCC in relation to the mooring. 
  9. Every mooring shall be marked with a buoy of sufficient size to enable it to float at any state of tide on which the area designation and mooring number should be visible.
  10. The type and size are to be recommended by an approved mooring contractor. 
  11. All vessels MUST have their name clearly indicated on the hull, coach roof or dodgers as appropriate. 
  12. No inappropriate or offensive advertisement, placard, or hoarding (except warning notices against trespassers, damage or For Sale) may be displayed on any vessel while at any mooring. 
  13. All vessels MUST be properly secured on a mooring, which is certificated as safe by an approved contractor and insured to a minimum of £3 million third party public liability, with wreck removal (QHM requirement) and kept in compliance with all requirements of their insurance cover. 
  14. All mooring equipment MUST be surveyed annually by an approved mooring contractor and a Survey Report and Safe Mooring Certificate issued. 
  15. No person or persons shall live on any vessel attached to the mooring or use the same as a dwelling. 
  16. Boat Owners MUST notify the Pier Master of any changes in address, in writing without delay to enable application details to be amended.
  17. Should you want to use the mooring for another vessel you own other than as specified in your application, you MUST obtain the approval of the Pier Master before doing so. When requesting such approval, you shall, in respect of the replacement vessel, provide all details as required on the original application form.
  18. PCC reserves the right to require any defective or unsuitable mooring to be either replaced or removed at the owner’s expense. PCC’s Mooring Standards, as supplied to Mooring Contractors, will be the basis of this determination and the advice of a PCC's Approved Mooring Contractor will be sought to determine this.
  19. If a Boat Owner wishes to surrender the right to retain a mooring, the Pier Master is to be immediately notified in writing. The Boat Owner will be further required to remove the vessel, mooring tackle, and block within one month from the date of surrender given.
  20. PCC is not liable for any claims, demands, losses, charges, costs, and expenses which the Boat Owner may at any time incur or become liable to incur arising from the operation of these terms and conditions of moorings.
  21. All Boat Owners MUST comply with all byelaws, regulations and any Acts of Parliament relating to the Port of Plymouth.
  22. Failure to observe or to comply with any of the terms and conditions of moorings may result in a mooring being cancelled with no refund. 

Unauthorised mooring

If you suspect a boat has moored without authorisation please let us know and we will further investigate. 

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