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Mount Wise (Geological SSSI)

Mount Wise Site of Special Scientific InterestThis grassy recreation ground, with various rocky exposures through the site, is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), and is located a short distance south west of Admiralty House and next to Richmond Walk, Mount Wise. The exposure of Devonian Plymouth Limestone is rich with fossils and its best known feature is the Mount Wise Shell Bed with its shelly remains. There are rich coral-stromatoporoid faunas and a rich brachiopod assemblage. Fossils must not be collected but left for others to study.

The site is considered to be safe. Pedestrian can access the site by a gate from Richmond Walk.

The site can be accessed by public transport with regular bus services in and around Plymouth to Edgecumbe Street and Devonport Hill. Vehicle access may be possible from St George Street to the north of the site.

For more detailed information on the reasons for designation and the management refer to Natural England - Sites of Special Scientific Interest.