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Council statement about the High Court hearing into Armada Way

A Plymouth City Council spokesperson, said: “The Council is pleased that the Judge has today thrown out STRAW’s legal challenge regarding Armada Way – confirming that the Judicial Review is indeed 'Academic'. 

“We have always been very clear – the legal action was based on a redundant decision – a decision made by the previous Council administration, that was overturned in May 2023 by the new Council Leader. Following an extensive consultation and cross-party scrutiny, Cabinet approved new designs in February 2024. 

“It was never in the city’s best interests to argue the rights and wrongs of a decision that had been withdrawn and we are pleased that the Judge has agreed.

"We agree with the Judge that there are some learning points for the Council around our internal processes. The Judge recognised our plans to hold an independent learning review. We have made a commitment to the Court that this will be undertaken as soon as the remaining legal processes are over, with a Cabinet meeting planned for 20 May to agree the terms of reference. 

“We hope that we can now draw a line under this and it is time to move forward. We will now remain focused on delivering our ambitious plans to make Armada Way a greener, more attractive city centre that is buzzing for businesses.”