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Forder Valley Road (West) to reopen in February

Forder Valley Road (West) is on track to reopen in February, following extensive works for the new Forder Valley Link Road.

The section between Novorossiysk Road and Fort Austin Avenue was closed in September 2020 for major works to rebuild and relocate the Forder Valley Road/Novorossiysk Road junction and reroute utility services, such as electricity, gas and water.

Despite the challenges of COVID-19 and Brexit the link road project remains on target for completion in Summer 2022 and Forder Valley Road (West) will reopen as planned in February.

We had hoped to open the uphill side of the road earlier but unfortunately this has not been possible, due to national shortages of materials and new COVID working practices.

The new junction, which will be much larger and around five metres higher than the current one, is beginning to take shape. When complete, it will include an improved, continuous cycleway and footway connecting with the new link road.

The 140-metre bridge structure is now in place across the valley and preparations are being made for final surfacing.

Kerbs and street lighting are being installed, the retaining wall on Forder Valley Road (South) is substantially complete and onsite landscaping works have begun. Most of the drainage pond has now been excavated and the materials removed are being reused on site.

Councillor Jonathan Drean, Cabinet Member for Transport, said: “It’s been an extremely challenging 12 months but our contractor and suppliers have done everything they can to keep this project on programme.

“It’s obviously disappointing that we weren’t able to open the uphill side of Forder Valley Road earlier, as we’d previously hoped but we cannot underestimate the efforts that have gone in to ensuring the scheme remains on target and we deliver the new link road in the summer, as planned.

“I’d once again like to thank everyone for bearing with us while these essential works take place.”

For the latest scheme updates email with your name and contact details or see our Forder Valley Link Road pages.