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Forder Valley Road West reopens this week

A diagram showing how traffic will operate when Forder Valley Road West reopens

The stretch of Forder Valley Road (west), between Novorossiysk Road and Fort Austin Avenue, will reopen overnight on Saturday 26 March.

The road was reopened for a short period at the beginning of March, but the effect of the three-way lights at the junction with Novorossiysk Road was much worse than we anticipated and put pressure on other major junctions in the city.

We were keen to put this right and quickly made the decision to close Forder Valley Road (west) whilst we looked at how we could safely reopen again.

Having made some changes to our traffic management measures, we are now ready to reopen.

This time, the junction will operate under two-way, rather than three-way, traffic lights which means drivers will not be waiting for as long at a red light and traffic flow will be improved.

To achieve this, we will need to temporarily restrict the straight ahead movement from Novorossiysk Road onto Forder Valley Road (west), towards Crownhill. Drivers will be diverted down Forder Valley Road (south), around Leigham Roundabout and back up Forder Valley Road. All other movements will be available.

The signals will be automated in the off-peak periods but will be manned during peak periods to help reduce congestion.

It may take a little longer to drive through this junction as lights are reintroduced and road users get used to the changes, so please allow some extra time for your journeys. 

We will be monitoring traffic flow over the coming weeks.

If we find that the delays become unacceptable then we will revert back to closing Forder Valley Road (west) until the scheme is completed in the summer and when we are able to open up the entire junction.