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Have your say about safety in Plymouth for women and girls

A new multi-agency Commission is inviting local people to share their views on how violence affects women and girls in Plymouth, to help shape their future agenda.

Earlier this week the new Violence Against Women and Girls Commission met for the first time to agree their areas of focus over the next three months. 

As part of their work, they will be inviting evidence and feedback from a wide-range of local organisations, victims, and experts, including a number of public sessions.

They are also keen to hear from as many local people as possible, in order to understand how violence affects women and girls in Plymouth. They have already heard from over 150 people at the recent virtual Q and A, however they want more feedback to help shape the future programme. Therefore, one of the first actions the Commission agreed is a survey which aims to:  

  • Help the Commission understand the extent of violence against women and girls in Plymouth
  • Better understand the experiences of victims of violence against women and girls
  • Identify what will make women and girls feel safer
  • Allow residents an opportunity to help shape the city’s response to violence against women and girls

The survey is open to everyone, however, if you are female and have experienced or witnessed harassment or harm of any kind in Plymouth in the past 5 years, the Commission is especially keen to hear from you and encourage you to share your experience.

Councillor Rebecca Smith, Chair of the Violence Against Women and Girls Commission, said: “It was clear from the virtual Q and A that many women and girls are very worried about safety in Plymouth. Therefore, it is essential that we understand the real scale of the issue.

“We know that many crimes go un-reported, therefore the most powerful evidence will come from the testimony of those who have been subjected to these crimes, or who are worried about them.

“I would encourage all women and girls to let me know their views so that we can determine what the city can do to make you safer. This is an important survey that I hope will make a real difference to public safety in Plymouth.”

We recognise that violence against women and girls can be a sensitive topic and are committed to carrying out this engagement activity in a compassionate and trauma-informed manner. Please note that this survey includes content about harm against women and girls, including, harassment and violence (including of a sexual nature) and asks about your personal experiences.

The survey is open until midnight on Tuesday 15 February 2022. All responses to this survey are anonymous and the results will be collated and analysed to identify themes and recurring issues.

To ensure the survey is accessible to all, it is also available in additional formats and languages upon request. Please email 

Alternatively, if you don’t wish to complete the survey and just want to get in touch to share your experience or ideas that you would like the commission to consider, or you are a practitioner, organisation or partner and which share any research, data or intelligence that you think would be valuable you can select the free text option on our consultation portal – this also provides the opportunity to upload files if you wish.

You can complete the survey or select the free text option from the Council’s Consultation Portal

Please only take part if you feel safe to do so. If you are in immediate danger call 999.