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More trees planted in Forder Valley


Almost 100 trees and 1,175 whips are being planted along Novorossiysk Road in the latest phase of landscaping for the new Forder Valley Link Road.

English oak, alder, aspen, black poplar, field maple, hawthorn, hazel, rowan and many more native woodland species are being planted along the eastern side of Novorossiysk Road, between the Wrigley roundabout and Pattinson Drive.

They are among 14,500 trees destined for the Forder Valley as part of a £1.3 million package of measures designed to offset the environmental impact of the scheme and help create better spaces for wildlife to thrive.

As well as thousands of new trees (more than 30 times the number lost), the plans include improving hedgerows, grasslands and woodlands to create better local wildlife habitats and achieve a ‘positive gain for biodiversity’.

Importantly, part of the funding will be used for ongoing monitoring and care over a 20-year period to ensure these sites become well-established and flourish.

Councillor Sue Dann, Cabinet Member for Environment and Street Scene, said: “We’ve already seen some major changes to the valley landscape but care for the environment has always been a really important priority for the scheme.

“We want to work with the amazing nature on our doorstep and there are dedicated staff monitoring and advising on all aspects, from water quality and noise to the protection of sensitive habitats and species.

“The trees and shrubs we are planting are well-suited to the conditions and will provide excellent shelter, spaces and food for all sorts of wildlife, including insects, birds, bats, reptiles, dormice, badgers and deer.

“And they will also create a ‘linear habitat’ that will help wildlife, especially bats, move between the Forder Valley and Bircham Valley local nature reserves and Plymbridge Woods.”

The new link road will connect William Prance Road in Derriford and the Forder Valley Road/Novorossiysk Road junction, via a bridge over the Bircham Valley.

It will create a much-needed alternative link between the A38 and the north of the city, avoiding Manadon Roundabout and the A386 Tavistock Road.